The building of the training building with the training theatre of the branch of the Higher School of Musical and Theatrical Art is being constructed according to an individual project in Kemerovo. The main idea of the building's architectural appearance is a theatrical game, where each angle, each facade and interior are varied, and at the same time monumental and laconic. The external appearance is a symbiosis of volumes planted on a single central axis, framed by a multi-light atrium space.

Higher School of Musical and Theatrical Arts

with an educational building in Kemerovo

The atrium is the core of the whole building, linked by bridges, passages, staircases that cross its volume. The image of its interior is saturated as you walk around the building, when new, unexpected angles emerge - a theatrical game of space. The same play, but in a restrained version, is also used on the faсade. The design emphasises the use of a variety of modern faсade materials for each block of the complex. By using different lamellae, different panel formats and materials, each block of the faсade of the building becomes special, each perspective of its volume looks different.
The main dominant element on the façade of the building is a sculptural composition of a trapezoidal shape, 16.7 metres in height. The sculptural composition is made of intersecting steel frames.

The ground floor of the building is located at elevation - 4,800, and at elevation - 3,600 in axes 1-12/I-T with natural light of the premises.
At - 4,800 and - 2,400, in axes 10-17/B-K there is a buried part relating to the basement floor of the building. The main functional rooms of the educational organisation are located in the above-ground zone of the ground floor, and on the 2nd to 4th floors.

In the basement zone there are auxiliary, storage and technical premises. Under the 1st and 2nd floors there are technical spaces for accommodating engineering communications. On the 4th floor of the theatre block there are technical premises.

The main entrance to the building is located from Khimikov Avenue, in axes 8-9/L, at the height of 0.000, at the level of the 2nd floor.
A wide pedestrian walkway leads to the building.
Cultural facilities
Renovation and new construction
Type of work
12 850 m2
Total area